Helping people believe in themselves…

It’s my superpower

Hi, I’m Lisa, and I can help you transform your life…

Me & My New Podcast, The Things We Know, Were Featured in LA Weekly!

“Step by step we cleaned up my life. We planned. We made goals. We checked-in. We developed strategies how to achieve the life I wanted. And wow, things have changed. I got a job at a great company. I lost weight. I am a calmer mother. I even have a plan to pay down my debt.”

– Rebecca E.

What are the ways we can work together?

I offer three different packages, which all include one-on-one sessions, ongoing support and a pathway to discovering your true transformation.

I’ve always been someone people come to when they want to talk things out.

Combined with my self-confidence, I’ve achieved whatever I’ve intended wherever I’ve lived and worked – growing up in Ohio among supportive friends and family, and throughout the years I’ve built a home with my amazing husband and two fantastic kids in Chicago and, now, Los Angeles.