Hello, I’m Lisa,
and helping people believe in themselves:
It’s my superpower.

I’ve always been someone people come to when they want to talk things out.

Combined with my self-confidence, I’ve achieved whatever I’ve intended wherever I’ve lived and worked – growing up in Ohio among supportive friends and family, and throughout the years I’ve built a home with my amazing husband and two fantastic kids in Chicago and, now, Los Angeles.

I began my professional coaching journey…

as a Weight Watchers Leader in 2004, teaching people how to have healthy relationships with food, and started my own practice as a Certified Health and Life Coach by founding Transformation for Real in 2017.

As I’ve expanded my coaching expertise and continue to support other coaches through the Health Coach Institute, I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals along the way.

How do I do it?

I let each client know that I believe they can make their goals happen even if they aren’t so sure (yet). Then I show them how it’s possible to make sustainable, long-term changes to their lives, teach them strategies to reframe their thinking and empower their progress, and consistently support them throughout their journey so they trust themselves and the decisions they are making.

With my training and today’s technology...

I’m able to meet people wherever they are, geographically and otherwise. I look forward to meeting you – wherever you are – and talking about how I can help you transform your life.

See Me in Action